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Introduction of our "Werk 2"

The "old Nobilis-plants" in Stadtlohn - everybody of our city know the long empty halls.
But these halls are not empty at all because for us it is the perfekt place: just across the street.

Since the end of 2019 we use the hall as the official "Werk 2" of Steverding agitators after a long renovation phase.

We don't want to withhold a few impressions from you.
You can see the front part of the hall: There the agitators are waiting for their delivery to our customers.
In the middle part you see where the agitators are put togehter and get ready for transportation.
In the back part of the hall there is a "little stock" and a station for the coatings of our agitators.


Our agitators start their journey

For us it is a special moment:

These 8 pre-assembled paddle agitators are waiting for their delivery to our customer.
Every agitator shaft is about 6.5m long (incl. gearbox) and weights impressive 900kg.

We wish you a nice weekend!