Ambitions turn to projects

Best results are based on experience. This is exactly what our customers, the industry and suppliers expect and value from us. We at Steverding Agitator Technology place substantial demands on ourselves especially in the areas of continuity, innovation and service. We are very particular when choosing our apprentices and put strong emphasis on certification of all working processes.

We are a team permanently striving to meet even higher quality standards where the contribution and achievements of each individual counts. We rely on our own employees and do not outsource any production processes to less qualified temporary workers.

Steverding Agitator Technology is a privately owned company and not committed to the vested interests of shareholders.  Therefore, the growth we have experienced in the past years could be reinvested into the company completely.  Our customers, both national and international, benefit in particular from this strategy and can put their trust in the most modern Agitator Technology from Muensterland, Germany now and in the future.

Our team of approx. 50 qualified specialists produces and installs up to 400 agitators annually.