Better is the enemy of good. Optimised agitator solutions.

Being the manufacturer of different agitators we can surely state: there is no universal solution. A good dialogue with the customer is therefore extremely important when analysing requirements and demands.

Bringing the right people together at one table.

It is very seldom that operators of industrial biogas facilities have the same requirements and demands as operators of agricultural bio gas facilities. Therefore, it is all the more important to create a project team consisting of players from all sides in the earliest phases of planning. We at Steverding Agitator Technology see ourselves as one part of a complex installation cooperation where team-play is of extreme importance.

Seeing the project on the whole.

Steverding Agitator Technology manufactures and installs agitators for the biogas industry. They are means to an end. Therefore, we look at each project on the whole and operate in a solution-orientated manner.  This is absolutely necessary especially in areas where other components interface as well as for on-site preparatory construction measures.