We agitate renewable energy

Steverding has been involved in the renewable energy business for more than 20 years. With the beginning of the first amendment of the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) in Germany the number of installed biogas facilities exploded. Up until this period biogas facilities were more of the type “self-made” originating from the time of the oil crisis in the early 70’s. Agitators were based on a stator bearing wave with welded-on shovels. Degree of efficiency, power consumption and low maintenance were not important. Just the fact that it turned…..

Today, we are much more advanced and astute. Agitator > Agitator Technic > Agitator Technologies. An exciting evolution of agitator technology has taken place over the last decade.

Modern agitators are designed and manufactured according to requirements and demands. An intelligent modular design allows potential synergy effects to be exploited making near-serial production possible even for custom designs.

This brings many advantages with it. At Steverding Agitator Technology we try to keep the number of components to a minimum enabling us to pass cost advantages onto our customers. We can also manufacture many components ourselves ensuring a smooth installation for new facilities as well as problem-free repair works for existing facilities.