Hydromixer - THE CHAMPION

Renowned biogas plant manufacturers focus on proven standards when they construct new plants. Therefore, then as now, the Hydromixer is installed in the most various biogas plants. Alone in the past years more than 3,000 agitators of this type have been manufactured. This makes our Hydromixer one of the sector’s renowned and proven classic products among the agitators. It is still the best choice for numerous applications, so that new biogas plants are also built using our agitator. The most important features at a glance:


  • Slow-running horizontal shaft agitator  
  • High effectiveness also with high-viscosity media  
  • Gentle treatment of the bacteria population in order to attain an optimum gas yield  
  • Container bearing consisting of special, extremely wear- resistant and maintenance-free bearing plastics  
  • All relevant components can be replaced without having to drain the container or replacing the agitator shaft  
  • The functional principle is ideal for breaking floating layers  
  • The functional principle supports the agitation of setting layers
  • Degassing of the substrate is made easier  
  • This agitator type is suitable for slightly  fluctuating filling levels  
  • The plant and components require very low maintenance

Fields of application

  • Breaking of floating layers  
  • Agitation of setting layers  
  • High-viscosity & low-viscosity media  (dry matter content up to 13 %)  
  • Suitable for fermenters and secondary fermenters  in steel or concrete design