The requirements with regard to the optimum production process may vary considerably. If you prepare for specific features with a fixed dimensioning and commit themselves to a narrow spectrum due to their technology selection. However, if you still need a high degree of flexibility, you will want to focus on variably adjustable components when designing your plant. Schwanko offers maximum flexibility without real compromise. The special features of our all-rounder at a glance:


  • For containers with high-viscosity input materials and a constant or fluctuating filling level throughout  the whole agitating diameter  
  • Special paddle design provides for smooth  immersion, full thrust, and efficient mixing substrate   
  • Gentle treatment of the bacteria population in order to  attain an optimum gas yield  
  • A seal monitoring system enables a reduction of the  filling level below the shaft, also in the gas-tight area during agitation   
  • Inner bearing for dry pump operation  
  • Container bearing consisting of special, extremely wear-resistant and maintenance-free bearing plastics  
  • All relevant components can be replaced without having to drain the container or replace the agitator shaft
  • The functional principle is ideal for breaking floating layers  
  • The agitator principle supports the agitation of setting layers  
  • The process makes degassing of the substrate easier 
  • Very low-maintenance

Fields of application

  • Breaking of floating layers  
  • Agitation of setting layers  
  • High-viscosity & low-viscosity media  (dry matter content up to 15 %)  
  • Suitable for fermenters, secondary digesters, and  fermentation residue storages in steel or concrete design