Vertically agitating biogas fermenters constitute a niche segment, however, their use is strongly increasing. Steverding Rührwerkstechnik offers efficient agitator technology for a broad variety of substrates – whether you need fermenters with a central agitator or several eccentric agitators, or even receiving tanks for food industry waste products. The robust agitators made by Steverding Rührwerkstechnik may be the right choice for these cases.


  • Centric and eccentric installation in the container for an ideal flow in the medium   
  • Horizontal and vertical intermixing for high-viscosity input materials by arrangement of the paddles alternately on each side (preventing setting/floating layers)   
  • The special arrangement and design allows for the attainment of an optimum gas yield with low-power motors   
  • A special seal prevents gas from escaping from the top cover   
  • For maintenance purposes, the agitator can be removed from the container during operation

Fields of application

  • Breaking of floating layers  
  • Agitation of setting layers 
  • High-viscosity media (dry matter content up to 15 %)  
  • Suitable for fermenters with a concrete top cover, steel containers, and GRP containers