Long shaft agitator - the giant

Humanity strives to expand and continuously improve. The biogas industry is no stranger
to this trend. Containers with a diameter of more than 30 m are by no means a rarity any
longer. In order to meet these requirements too, we have also included the long shaft agitator
in our standard range.
Here are the special features at a glance:


  • For large containers of approx. 30 metres or more
  • No loss of properties due to size
  • Individually designable  

    • with Spiralo® paddle 
    • with Schwanko paddle
    • with Hydromixer paddle

  • The bearing system in the container consists of a special highly wear-resistant and maintenance-free bearing plastic
  • All relevant components can be replaced without having to empty the container or replace the agitator shaft
  • Active principle is ideal for breaking of floating layers
  • Active principle supports the stirring of sinking layers
  • Degassing of the substrate is facilitated
  • System and components are very low maintenance

Fields of application

  • For constant or fluctuating fill levels
    (depending on paddle selection)
  • Breaking of floating layers
  • Stirring of sinking layers
  • High-viscosity & low-viscosity media
    (depending on paddle selection)
  • Suitable for fermenters, secondary fermenters and mixing containers in steel or concrete design