Modular components deliver successful results.

The complete package makes "a good job done" convincing. And to make sure that the feeling of satisfaction lasts longer it is important to choose the appropriate components. Anti-friction bearings, sealing gaskets and control units are typical component parts of an agitator. In everyday use these parts are subject to stress and must be designed in such a way that they are resistant to external influences.  Low-quality products increase the chance of a breakdown considerably. Costs incurred do not stand in relation to the cost of high quality products.  

We at Steverding Agitator Technology are reluctant to compromise at the cost of reliability and rely on the brand quality of our suppliers. Most of the components we do not manufacture ourselves come from Germany making possible follow-up orders very straightforward.

The meticulous installation of our agitators is yet another characteristic of top quality from Steverding Agitator Technology. Very tight tolerances and excellent welding works extend the life-period of our agitators resulting in an increase of value and decrease of risk. This fact is extremely important to ensure a trouble-free operation of our customers’ biogas facilities many of which are industrial facility operators.