As is generally known, the field of biogas production provides different possibilities of keeping substrates in motion. The energy yield and therefore the efficiency of a plant substantially depends on how this is done. Spiralo is a completely newly developed agitator into which the experience of several decades of collaborating with technical colleges and institutes has been incorporated. The numerous innovations are registered for patent approval, since our agitator is unique in its category. There are many good reasons for this:


  • Slow-moving horizontal paddle agitator for constant and fluctuating filling levels throughout the whole agitation diameter  
  • Axial suction effect from the container centre and radial  ejection at the container wall for highly efficient mixing 
  • High effectiveness also with high-viscosity media  
  • Allows for agitation of the whole container in a short time  
  • Careful treatment of the bacteria population in order to attain an optimum gas yield  
  • Container bearing consisting of special, extremely wear- resistant and maintenance-free bearing plastics  
  • All relevant components can be replaced without having to drain the container or replacing the agitator shaft  
  • The functional principle is ideal for breaking floating layers  
  • Agitator principle supports the agitation of setting layers 
  • Makes degassing of the substrate easier 
  • Very low maintenance

Fields of application

  • Breaking of floating layers  
  • Agitation of setting layers  
  • High-viscosity & low-viscosity media  (dry matter content up to 11 %)  
  • Suitable for fermenters, secondary digesters, and  fermentation residue storages in steel or concrete design