In the past 20 years, biogas technology has developed further in many respects. Also, with regard to the fermentation of new substrates. With an increasing solids content, more and more plants by definition reach the degree of dry fermentation. Our plug-flow agitators are able to agitate dry matter contents of more than 25% without any problems. In this sector, demands with regard to technology are highly specific, and they are perfectly met by our plug-flow agitators. These are the special features:


  • Very slowly running agitator for plants with a very high content of dry substrate   
  • Accelerated maceration of the biomass provides for an increased gas yield   
  • Variable use, e.g. for hydrolysis or as fermenter   
  • Use for operation in mesophilic and thermophilic areas   
  • No pre-treatment of the input materials necessary   
  • Very high torque   
  • Low current consumption   
  • Variable filling levels, dwell times, and speeds can be implemented without any technical modifications


  • The patented floating shaft by STC engineering makes an additional bearing in the container dispensable 
  • GRP tank can be supplied along with the delivery

Fields of application

  • Avoidance of setting/floating layers 
  • Very highly viscous media 
  • Suitable for pre-fermenters for hydrolysis and for fermenters